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 Download Browser SRWare 32.0.1750.0 Stable (34,36 MB)

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PostSubject: Download Browser SRWare 32.0.1750.0 Stable (34,36 MB)   Thu Jan 30, 2014 4:47 pm

SRWare Iron - does open source software, developed by the German company SRWare from source project Chromium. Was created due to the fact that the Google Chrome browser keeps track of a variety of user actions. SRWare Iron does not do anything like that. Another advantage of Iron is that the browser uses the latest version of WebKit and V8, while Google Chrome runs on stable versions of these engines.

Differences between Google Chrome and SRWare Iron:

  • Client ID
    Chrome for each browser creates a unique key that keeps track of it in the future. In Iron is cut.
  • Memorization time
    Chrome remembers the time when the program was installed on the computer. In Iron cut.
  • Sending data address line
    Every time you enter something in the address bar, Chrome sends it to Google. In Iron cut.
  • Alternative error page
    If you incorrectly hammered Chrome address, the error message you get from the server Google. In the Iron does not.
  • Bug
    Depending on the setting, if there were errors Chrome browser sends an error report to Google. In the Iron does not.
  • RLZ tracking
    Google Chrome transmits the coded information. For example, where and when it was loaded. In the Iron does not.
  • Google Updater
    Chrome also installs a program that shakes in the background and installs updates. In Iron it is not.
  • URL tracking
    The name speaks for itself. In the Iron does not.

OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
What's new in this version:
Main improvements:

  • Tabs with audio are marked
  • Security-/Bugfixes
  • performance improvements

Download Browser SRWare 32.0.1750.0 Stable (34,36 MB)

Download portable version of the browser SRWare Iron 32.0.1750.0 Stable (49,27 MB)
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Download Browser SRWare 32.0.1750.0 Stable (34,36 MB)
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