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 Download software Axure RP Pro (61,8 MB):

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PostSubject: Download software Axure RP Pro (61,8 MB):   Thu Jan 30, 2014 4:38 pm

Axure RP - rapid prototyping for website applications-oriented framework for prototyping websites. The product is designed to reduce the cost of designing websites. This solution will help to quickly visually create a working prototype of the future site, then upload a prototype in html and view it through a browser. The quality is quite acceptable for further tasking designers and programmers, as well as for understanding the customer end result.

"Blank" for creating web pages similar to the forms in resource - Builder, similar to that used in Delphi. Design flow chart similar to the same design in Microsoft Visio. As a result, generation prototype turns static website is widely used javascript. Quality documentation and training materials are available on the manufacturer's website. Axure RP Pro can be a very useful tool for the design of a small but functional - saturated projects and large projects at an early stage.
Program features:

  • Easy to use
  • Rapid application of changes
  • Instant creation of functional prototypes
  • Creating interactive prototypes with annotations
  • Versioning
  • Creating an effective design
  • Experimenting with your design to achieve maximum results
  • Automation specification to avoid tedious documentation

OS: Windows XP, 2003 Server, Vista, 7 or 8
What's new in version 7:

  • Widget events: OnDoubleClick, OnContextMenu (right-click), OnMouseDown, OnMouseUp, OnMouseMove, OnMouseHover, OnLongClick (Tap and Hold), OnKeyDown, OnKeyUp.
  • Dynamic Panels have mouse and keyboard events.
  • Page events: OnWindowResize, OnWindowScroll and the mouse and keyboard events.
  • Math, string, boolean and date operations. Too many to list here. Think JavaScript.
  • Ability to refer to 'This Widget' in various interactions and conditions, ie Set text on This or Hide This.
  • Options when showing and hiding widgets to bring to front, treat as flyout, collapse / expand widgets below, and treat as lightbox.
  • Conditions to check if a widget is selected and to evaluate the key that was pressed for keyboard events.
  • All widgets can be hidden, moved, or brought to front (not only panels).


  • Preview opens the current page in the browser and generates pages on-demand.
  • Add web fonts and font mappings.
  • Toolbar for selecting adaptive views, toggling footnotes, highlighting active elements, and searching the sitemap.
  • Variables can be set to default values.
  • HTML5 doctype.


  • Borders render within the dimensions of the widget for accurate dimensions.
  • Add borders, rounded corners, and set opacity on Images.
  • Apply outer, inner, and text shadows.
  • Select typefaces beyond bold and italic.
  • Page background images can be set to Stretch to Cover and Stretch to Contain.

Widget Properties

  • Text Fields and Text Areas can have a Hint with Hint Style.
  • Text Field Types: email, number, phone number, url, search.
  • New shapes: paragraph (text panel replacement), H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, heart, plus, star, arrows, speech bubble.
  • Shapes can be set to auto fit height and width of the text in the shape.
  • Shapes and images can be selected by default.
  • Dynamic Panels have an option to fit to content.
  • Dynamic Panel states have background colors and images.
  • Dynamic Panels can be set to 100% wide.
  • Dynamic Panels can trigger the interactions styles on the contained widgets. Ie MouseOver on the panel makes all widgets inside show their MouseOver style.
  • Ability to crop images.
  • Droplist height can be edited.
  • All widgets can be set hidden by default.


  • Pages in the sitemap and widgets in custom widget libraries can be organized into folders.
  • Sitemap shortcuts for adding pages (ctrl + enter), moving pages (ctrl + arrow / tab / shift + tab), and searching (start typing).
  • Widget Properties and Style pane displays widget properties which previously only existed in the context menu.
  • Widget Manager (replaces the dynamic panel manager) and lists all of the widgets on the page.
  • The main menu and context menus have been reorganized.
  • Double-click resize handles on shapes and panels to fit to the text height / width or content respectively.
  • Reorganized case editor actions
  • Ability to duplicate Dynamic Panel states
  • Undo works after switching away and back to a page
  • Ctrl + tab & ctrl + shift + tab move forward / back in screen history

Adaptive Views

  • Define adaptive views based on browser width and / or height.
  • Adaptive views inherit from one another so a change to the location, size, or style of a widget in the parent view affects its children, but a change in the child view does not affect the parent.
  • Editing a widget's text, interactions, and other widget properties affects the widget in all views. The widget is the same widget across views (not a copy) so you only have to update the property once.
  • The prototype switches views based on the browser size.

Download software Axure RP Pro (61,8 MB):

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PostSubject: Re: Download software Axure RP Pro (61,8 MB):   Tue Feb 04, 2014 12:41 am

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Download software Axure RP Pro (61,8 MB):
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