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 download android game Offroad Legends Version 1.1.0

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PostSubject: download android game Offroad Legends Version 1.1.0   Sun Mar 02, 2014 12:56 pm

Offroad Legends

Offroad Legends - lovers monster trucks dedicated.
In the game we will be available approximately 60 different tracks, dug over, with various jumps, etc.

The game has several types and kinds of monsters, such as trucks, tractors, jeeps on huge wheels, etc.
To make them, you need to earn as many points.

In the game there are several types of races: on time, distance of the jump and accurate passing distance.

The game is very realistic settings section made cars, you can adjust the suspension height, select a tire size, reduce or increase the travel shock absorbers, but do not try to fly immediately to the track, go to the training room and see what you have set up.

So what? Next, try =)


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download android game Offroad Legends Version 1.1.0
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