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 Download program PicPick 3.3.1 (10,25 MB) تحميل برنامج

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PostSubject: Download program PicPick 3.3.1 (10,25 MB) تحميل برنامج   Sun Feb 16, 2014 2:21 pm

PicPick - free program that combines the functions of the graphic editor and tools for capturing images from a computer screen. There is the ability to capture the entire desktop screen (including multi-monitor systems, and), capture only the active window, a separate area of entire web pages (with automatic scrolling), or domains with arbitrary boundaries. Editing resembles Microsoft Paint, but has additional filters and effects.
Screen capture in the following variants:

  • Full Screen

  • Active window

  • The selected area

  • Capture of a rectangular area having a predetermined size

  • Capture of free allocation (not rectangle)

  • Screenshot open in MSIE

Of additional features:

  • Integrated graphics editor

  • Screen ruler

  • Instrument for measuring angles (remember the school is called "protractor")

  • CrossHair - an alternative to the lineup, which allows measurement of the screen

  • ColorPicker - get the color value using a pipette,

  • WhiteBoard - a tool that allows you to draw and make notes on top of everything that is open on the screen, and then take a screenshot of what happened as a result of

Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows XP

  • Microsoft Windows Vista

  • Microsoft Windows 7

  • Microsoft Windows 8

  • Microsoft Windows Server

Changes in version 3.3.1:

  • Improved Scrolling capture
  • Improved Whiteboard
  • Fixed an issue of google chrome scrolling capture
  • Language updates
  • Minor bugs are fixed

Download program PicPick 3.3.1 (10,25 MB)
with Official Site | LetItBit.net | TurboBit.net | Ul.to | VIP-file.com

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Download program PicPick 3.3.1 (10,25 MB) تحميل برنامج
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