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 تحميل برنامج MAGIX Video Deluxe 2014 Plus (405,53 МБ):

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PostSubject: تحميل برنامج MAGIX Video Deluxe 2014 Plus (405,53 МБ):   Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:22 pm

The official Russian version!
MAGIX Video Delux 2014 MX Plus - one of the most powerful and intuitive video editing software, which can easily be able to work as a novice and professional. This new generation of software for video processing. More productive, faster, even better - in every detail. Plus version contains more tracks patterns and functions. Full spectrum of 3D processing and editing to animation multikamernogo itinerary.
Key Benefits:

  • High quality special effects, cinematic templates and blank
  • Full support Stereo3D
  • Extended recording sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Full support for HD: for HDV and AVCHD camcorders
  • 99 tracks, MultiCam editing, travel route animation, etc.
  • Video Editing TV quality or mobile formats for Web

Productive engine video:

  • New features in DirectX11 for wider use of GPU
  • GPU-ported to numerous effects: auto exposure, auto color, RGB Controllers
  • Optimization of the different effects when rendering
  • New option to manually select the graphics module (DirectX9 and DirectX11) with intelligent pre-selection
  • Improved switching from video memory to the main memory using GPU

Import video

  • MAGIX Video Deluxe 2013 Plus supports all common video formats and sources. You can import your videos from digital and analog cameras, TV-cards, webcams, digital cameras with video shooting function, DVD-players and many other devices.
  • Public timeline. MiniDV-, HDV-and AVCHD-video cameras, digital SLR cameras (DSLRs) and smartphones store data in various formats and resolutions. With MAGIX Video Deluxe 2013 Plus, you can handle all your records together in the same project - without the need for conversion to a common format for all that may require considerable time.
  • Screencapturing (screen capture). By recording the screen contents to MAGIX Video Deluxe 2013 Plus can easily create their own training lessons and demos. Record screen content can be done in different ways - can be saved as the entire contents of the screen, and its separate parts. Thus it is possible for example available and clearly describe the work with any program.

Seamless editing HD / AVCHD-material

  • AVCHD import assistant and preview function. Thanks for import assistant AVCHD-video and corresponding video from various sources (such as hard drives, smartphones, cameras, memory cards, etc.), you can view your clips in the preview mode, sort and directly downloaded on vremennỳyu line.
  • Support for the new video standard - AVCHD progressive scan (50p). First from MAGIX: MAGIX Video Deluxe 2013 Plus is the first video editing program in the consumer sector, supporting official video standard AVCHD Progressive - for records High Definition AVCHD Progressive (50p). New technology uses twice as many full frames than before. Advantage: more realistic motion of moving objects and the perception of free fine picture details. You can get a real pleasure when viewing!
  • Recognition of the power of the computer. MAGIX Video Deluxe 2013 Plus automatically detects the best settings for your particular computer so that to be able to handle AVCHD-material as efficiently as possible.
  • Intelligent Rendering (SmartRendering) AVCHD. Intelligent decision: when exporting video from AVCHD-camcorders in your project will be counted only those areas that were imposed on the title or any effects. The remaining land will be taken over by a modal that does not create the need for time-consuming re proschityvanii. This further accelerate rendering (acceleration up to 90%) and will take you faster to the finished film to AVCHD or Blu-ray disc.

Editing - qualitatively and automatically

  • Individual assembly. We will give you plenty of room for creativity! 99 multimedia tracks guarantee freedom of choice and will help to improve the process and even large and complex projects - and in a relatively short time. Thanks to a handy tool with just a few clicks you will be able to process your video, add transitions, effects and titles and create appropriate musical accompaniment.
  • Automatic installation. You can create fantastic movies or slideshows in fully automatic mode! Even without any prior knowledge. Simply choose from a large variety of different styles and themes (eg holiday, party, New Year, etc.) Did you like the most and your image will be transformed into a professional-looking movie with titles, effects, transitions and music. And all this in a fully automatic mode!

Intuitive controls:

  • Superior user interface with quick access functions. Ideal workflow: with new features fast access, you can play, trim and import videos directly from the draft mediakonteynera. This saves time and move the mouse. For efficient operation of the upper class.
  • Visual display of video and audio on one track on the timeline. Always at hand: video and audio from a single source can now be very convenient to have one track. Thus on the timeline can be positioned more tracks and it will be easier to work with large projects with lots of tracks. You certainly can if you want "demoralize" the picture and sound on individual tracks.
  • Intelligent mouse mode. Especially in the case of large projects often inconvenient to add additional separate video or fill large voids. Intelligent mouse mode makes it possible for you to very easily transfer all arrangements fully with just one click - on one or all tracks.
  • Flexible user interface. Secure your work environment that suits your tastes! In MAGIX Video Deluxe 2013 Plus all components of the user interface can be moved, resized or even deleted as unnecessary. That will make it possible for you eg to increase the specified window with lots of elements to ensure that at the same time to see all of them.
  • Scaling the video monitor. Thanks to the scaling can be convenient and easy to animate objects, even those that are outside the monitor. Ideal for titles or picture in picture effect. Simply cut the image in the preview monitor, and select objects directly on the rest of the screen.

Multi-compartment editing (for 2 cameras).

  • Ideal for shooting with 2 cameras. At concerts, interviews or weddings often goes shooting with multiple cameras. In multikamerny mode MAGIX Video Deluxe 2013 Plus, you can in real time using the mouse to choose between cameras (images from both cameras will be displayed in the preview monitor next to each other).
  • Automatic synchronization of records from multiple cameras including soundtrack

Creating effects with accelerated previews.

  • High-quality effects, transitions and decay. MAGIX Video Deluxe 2013 Plus offers an exclusive range of professional video and audio effects (including hromakey (shroma-keying), color correction and mastering suite), a variety of complex transitions, animated menu templates, thematic intros and endings, and more.
  • Accelerated preview effects. Complex arrangements and complex effects can be for some computers impossible task - thanks to MAGIX Video Deluxe 2013 Plus this is now finished! New function rendering individual sites now allow smooth playback of even the most uncomfortable pieces not on the most powerful computers - just highlight portion, spend rendering and calm look. Added rendering preview for Stereo3D-and multichamber projects.
  • The new processor features "hromakey» (Chroma-Key) for optimal abstraction facilities. Like in the movies: with the new processor features "hromakey" (Chroma-Key), you can create an impressive film-quality effects. Green screen or Bluebox, simply remove the object or person on a single-color background and replace it with any photo or video. Thus, you can easily move objects or actors in movies or exciting scenes - such as mountains, under water or in space. Integrated Anti-Spill provides sharp contours - without interfering green edges.

Faster image stabilization

  • Image Stabilization in MAGIX Video Deluxe 2013 Plus - an ideal tool for working with "blurred" and unstable image. Need to specify the radius of the analysis, select the area being treated and Sets whether the stabilization of the footage on the camcorder. Done! Possible even preview the results based on your specifications that will perfectly adjust stabilization for specific videos. Even too much "smeared" materials can be easily fixed and they will look so that nobody can guess what they looked like originally.

Dynamic slowing

  • Special moments: slow-motion playback, alternating with rapid transitions allow stress catchy, funny and decisive moments that will transform your videos. Forget jerky slow motion - with MAGIX Video Deluxe 2013 Plus work with slow-motion turn to pleasure. Even at maximum settings will always display smooth thanks miscalculation intermediate frames (called frame interpolation).

Full color correction

  • Primary color correction. Primary color correction completely transform your video! We can "after the fact" to change the white balance, color saturation, automatically change the color tones or using practical manipulator correct or vice versa effort (if it conceived effect) color mismatch.
  • Secondary color correction. Secondary color correction - this is the best opportunity to thoroughly process the individual colors. Example - change color and change the color tone of the person or you can make the picture black and white except for a single color (the famous Color-Pass effect applied for example in the famous movie Sin City).

Professional templates effects

  • Themed templates trailers. You can create exciting trailers to your videos using professional templates that allow you to see your video in new ways. Sophisticated audio track, perfect fitting and detailed animation titles will be impressed. Nothing complicated: fill your footage placeholders, change the titles of your choice and enjoy! 3 new templates to choose from (Computer, Flower Power, Retro).
  • Transitions with sound. New transitions in MAGIX Video Deluxe 2013 Plus - this is your chance to make your videos more impressive! All transitions are supplied with the appropriate musical accompaniment, such as for example "line noise", "went the next scene", "be captured" and more.
  • Selective application of effects. By selective application of effects in MAGIX Video Deluxe 2013 Plus you can use such expressive effects such as vignetting or Threshold not only for the entire image, but also separately for the selected fragments.
  • Animation travel routes. With recycled animation travel routes in MAGIX Video Deluxe 2013 Plus you have the opportunity with a few mouse clicks to show family, friends or acquaintances a detailed itinerary of your trip: You can choose the car of your choice and intermediate stops and adjust the route visualization - all using most relevant maps through constant updates (Internet connection required).

The subtitle editor with direct preview

  • Captions and texts may be made directly in the preview window, and moved with one click. You can ask for individual letters, words or lines of a different color, font and size. Regardless of what kind of titles you will like, MAGIX Video Deluxe 2013 Plus using the latest Title Editor will make sure that your titles always looked nice and high quality. Predictive text size setting through special sliders and easy input via a monitor preview
  • Object zoom function for precise control of effects. Process individual objects on vremennòy scale has never been so convenient! Select one or more objects in which you want to change settings, such as volume or permeability. One pressing the selected objects will be stretched over the entire length scale vremennòy So you can accurately and in detail their process.

Sound processing - qualitatively and automatically

  • Professional audio processing. MAGIX Video Deluxe 2013 Plus offers an exclusive range of high quality tools for audio, mixing, and sound restoration. Beginning with practical Soundtrack Maker for automatic audio mixer and productive to work in real time, creating a studio feeling and ending set of effects for audio processing. Plus there is a VST-Plug-in, which gives the opportunity to work with external effects. To fine tune the video and audio tracks to each other, there are additional tools and assistants - ranging from automatic recognition bits and ending rhythmic installation - with advanced technology MAGIX ProAudio always provide perfect sound.
  • Automatic scoring. MAGIX Soundtrack Maker creates music according to your requirements: simply set the desired musical atmosphere (eg tension, action, fun, etc.) and the program using a huge musical archive will create a customized background music (done in a fully automatic mode) .
  • Dolby ® Digital 5.1 (Surround-Sound). Go to a new level using the supplied package additional program Dolby ® Digital 5.1-Creator. You can mix the contents of tracks and pick the perfect option for your 5.1 system. The reward for you will be a true Surround-Sound.
  • To restore the sound. Give new life to old or seeing bad stuff! From Music Editor 3.0, you can eliminate the sounds and vibrations of the volume, as well as various clicks and hiss sounds produced when the camcorder - either manually or automatically. For breathtaking movies in stunning quality.

Individual design of the menu ("Authoring" discs)

  • With MAGIX Video Deluxe 2013 Plus, you can easily create custom menus for DVD and Blu-ray discs:

    • Adding or removing a menu of additional pages
    • Ability to create and add your own buttons (Buttons)
    • Ability to add your own text in the menu and graphics
    • Adjustable auxiliary grid for precise positioning of different objects
    • Simultaneous processing of multiple menu items
    • Backup: you can create a full disk backup

  • Many new menu templates. MAGIX Video Deluxe 2013 Plus offers many new menu templates for DVD and Blu-ray discs. Amaze your audience with professionally designed menus for your movies. Presenting your work like real movies. To do this, we will give you everything you need: a menu corresponding to different genres and many other high-quality templates.

Universal Export

  • Assistant exports. Achieve your goals faster! Convenient export assistant will provide you with an overview of the most popular export options. Select the desired export format and follow the instructions or, if necessary, add additional settings.
  • Direct export to an SD memory card. Certainly the quickest and easiest way to transfer your finished video on TV screens as follows:
  • You can export your movies using the assistant export directly to an SD memory card without the need to burn a disc and then view these movies on televisions equipped with a card reader for SD cards.
  • Written to disk. Burn your finished movies to DVD, AVCHD or Blu-ray discs. This keeps your movies can be equipped with a menu in a professional capacity - we provide you with a huge number of such templates menu.
  • Output to mobile devices. You can transfer your movies on smartphones, tablet PCs, media players, and other portable devices - for this in MAGIX Video Deluxe 2013 Plus you have a huge selection of the appropriate settings. Including for the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones or tablet PCs.

Upload a video on the Internet

  • Upload videos on Facebook. More than 900 million people worldwide are registered in the largest social network in the world - Facebook. You too? Тогда Вы можете загружать Ваши видеоролики на Facebook непосредственно из программы – и делиться ими с друзьями. Таким образом Вы сэкономите время и у Вас не будет необходимости идти окружными путями – Ваши ролики сразу будут онлайн.
  • Загрузка видео на YouTube и Vimeo. Совсем новый уровень: демонстрируйте Ваши видео на YouTube и Vimeo в качестве Full HD (Разрешение 1080p). Загружайте Ваши видео в высоком разрешении на популярные видеопорталы непосредственно из программы и пусть весь мир насладится Вашими произведениями искусства – в потрясающем качестве.

Полный Stereo3D рабочий цикл

  • Обработка собственных 3D-записей. Если у Вас нет 3D-камеры – не проблема. 3D видео можно снять например при помощи 2-ух параллельно подключенных видеокамер. В MAGIX Видео делюкс 2013 Plus есть автоматическая функция, позволяющая правильно расположить обе видеодорожки – это сделает возможным быструю обработку и настройки записей с видеокамер и уже очень скоро у Вас будет настоящее захватывающее 3D-видео.
  • Настоящие переходы и титры в 3D. Изюминка любого 3D-видео – переходы и титры в 3D. MAGIX Видео делюкс 2013 Plus готова обеспечить Вас эксклюзивным выбором всего необходимого в этой области! 3D титры можно свободно располагать в трехмерном пространстве, тоесть в том числе и вглубь изображения! Таким образом можно достичь настоящего ощущения трехмерности. К слову сказать таким же образом можно из двухмерных видео и фото создавать настоящие 3D-проекты.
  • Совместимость со всеми общеизвестными 3D-устройствами. Соответствует требованиям завтрашнего дня! Будь то 3D-телевизор, видеопроектор, Blu-ray-плейер или PC/TV с затворными очками – MAGIX Видео делюкс 2013 Plus никогда не подведет.
  • 3D экспорт во всех форматах. Многочисленные варианты экспорта: Вы можете экспортировать Ваши готовые 3D-ролики для просмотра на компьютере, записать их на DVD или Blu-ray диски для просмотра по TV или напрямую загрузить их на YouTube.

Поддерживаемые форматы импорта:

  • Видео: AVI, DV-AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MTS, M2TS, MXV, MJPEG, QuickTime, WMV (HD), VOB, MKV
  • Аудио: WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, MIDI, Dolby Digital Stereo/5.1 (стерео микширование)
  • Фото: JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TGA

Поддерживаемые форматы экспорта:

  • Видео: AVI, DV-AVI, MJPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QuickTime, WMV (HD)
  • Аудио: WAV, MP3
  • Фото: JPEG, BMP

Поддерживаемые расширения файлов (импорт):

  • .Avi, .Dat, .Evo, .M2v, .M1V, .H264, .MPV, .Mpg, .Mpeg, .MPG2, .Mp2, .Mpe, .M2s, .Vdr, .Vob, .VRO, .TS, .m2t, .MPT, .MMV, .m2ts, .МТС, .MOV, .mp4, .DVR-MS, .ASF, .mp4 , .mpeg4, .MPEG-4, .m4v, .3 GP, .3g2

Supported devices:

  • FireWire интерфейс для использования с DV-/HDV-видеокамерами
  • USB интерфейс: для использования с видеокамерами HD, устройствами записи на жесткий диск, веб-камерами
  • Видео, ТВ или графические карты с видеовходом: оцифровки аналоговых источников
  • ТВ-тюнер и DVB-T/S-Tuner-Karten: для записи ТВ потоков
  • Оптический привод: Blu-ray, DVD-R/RW, DVD + R/RW-, DVD-RAM или CD-R/RW дисков

Минимальные системные требования:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 8 (32-Bit и 64-Bit), Microsoft® Windows® 7 (32-Bit и 64-Bit), Microsoft® Windows® Vista® (32-Bit и 64-Bit), Microsoft® Windows® XP (32-Bit)
  • Процессор: двухъядерный процессор 2,0 ГГц
  • Оперативная память: 1 Гб
  • Графическая карта: встроенная графическая карта с поддержкой разрешения экрана минимум 1024 x 768
  • Звуковая карта: встроенная звуковая карта
  • Память на жестком диске: 2 ГБ свободного дискового пространства для установки программы
  • Оптический привод: DVD-привод (исключительно для инсталляции программы с диска)

Скачать программу MAGIX Video Deluxe 2014 Plus (405,53 МБ):
с LetItBit.net | VIP-file.com | TurboBit.net | UL.to
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تحميل برنامج MAGIX Video Deluxe 2014 Plus (405,53 МБ):
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