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 Download program KitchenDraw 6.5 (40,18 MB)تحميل برنامج تصميم المطابخ

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PostSubject: Download program KitchenDraw 6.5 (40,18 MB)تحميل برنامج تصميم المطابخ   Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:19 pm

Kitchen Draw - a program that provides project design kitchen and bathroom. At any stage you can see the projected space in three dimensions, a cross-sectional perspective, do the animation. All elements of the project file created at the same time (plan, elevations, 3D perspectives, estimate, etc.). Any modification made in one of them is automatically reflected in the other. Kitchen Draw program is designed not only for professional architects and designers, but for inexperienced users - people engaged in redevelopment apartment building homes and landscaping of the site, but will need to become familiar with the technical documentation.
Key features:

  • Program, as well as all the directories available in different languages
  • A record of all sales and registered sellers
  • It is possible to restrict access to different functions of the program
  • There are local and network versions
  • Working with one or more rooms of arbitrary shape with the installation of walls, windows, doors, etc.
  • Installation of "drag and drop" from the directory in the plan or in the future
  • Installing walls under precise angles

Design features:

  • Allows you to work with one or several rooms of arbitrary shape with the installation of walls, windows, doors, etc.;
  • Installing walls under precise angles and lengths of walls;
  • No configuration of wall thickness, color and texture of the wall surface;
  • Allows you to make openings in the walls;
  • Installs elements in mode "drag and drop" from the directory in terms of (2D) or in the future (can not always be exact);
  • Allows the use of elements from different directories in the same project.
  • Makes automatic installation baseboards, moldings, countertops, light panels, etc.;
  • Allows you to do tiling to walls, floors, ceilings to control the position and direction of tiles (automatic calculation of areas and the number of tiles);
  • Allows automatic or manual installation sizes in the plan or projection;
  • Allows you to import finished products from other libraries format 3DDXF, 2D DXF;
  • Imports image format WMF, BMP and JPG to vary in size. Conveniently used to make the interior of the buyer.

Editing functions:

  • Work closely with the mouse. Allows you to move and rotate the product or project plan numeric input or directly go
  • Allows you to modify the attributes of products at any stage of the project or the estimates (size, price, finishing materials, parts and components list, pens, etc.) for all objects in a project or selectively. Allows you to add any item in the estimates;
  • Has the function of "Undo" the last action;
  • Has the ability to open any piece of furniture to display the internal configuration;
  • Has a custom reporting system.

Imaging features:

  • Performs various imaging methods: plan, elevations, perspective (mesh, smoothed, realistic, photorealistic) and the creation of a video film;
  • Allows you to select the image quality in color, shadows, light, background, etc.;
  • Allows you to select a viewpoint directly in perspective;
  • Uses parametric light sources (setting the direction, intensity, contrast);
  • Has features zoom;
  • Copy Allows the wall elements and the like;
  • Has a "hide" and "Display", including the layers of the project;
  • Allows to label elements in the top and the projection (the sequence number, the reference in the directory, etc.);
  • Allows you to send reports in Microsoft Word;
  • Allows you to record video in AVI.

Functions for Order

  • Allows you to customize the configuration of the pricing on the entire directory on the model on a product category;
  • Allows you to adjust the VAT with multiple parameters;
  • Allows editing estimates "without VAT" or "VAT";
  • Uses parametric prices, the use of special conditions, customer discounts (within the rights granted to the designer by the administrator);
  • Hides margins;
  • Sets the value of the imported goods (not available in any directory);
  • Transfers the financial documents in Microsoft Word: Order specification, prescription bills, application table discounts, etc.;
  • Allows you to configure report templates and add new ones.

Functions for data exchange:

  • Import file format: BMP, JPG, WMF, DXF (2D for backgrounds plan), DXF 3D;
  • Export file format: BMP, JPG, WMF, DXF (2D for backgrounds plan), TXT (specifications, estimates, data management);
  • A copy of the image (graphics) with calculation tables (Excel), and other estimates or statistics table printed on paper;
  • Sending by e-mail file "Order" on order delivery, components, etc.

OS: Windows All

Download program KitchenDraw 6.5 (40,18 MB)

с LetItBit.net | VIP-file.com | TurboBit.net | UL.to

Download catalogs for KitchenDraw (106,09 MB)

с LetItBit.net | VIP-file.com | TurboBit.net | UL.to

Download video tutorials on KitchenDraw (452,69 MB)

с LetItBit.net | VIP-file.com | TurboBit.net | UL.to
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Download program KitchenDraw 6.5 (40,18 MB)تحميل برنامج تصميم المطابخ
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