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 2010 – Dr. Maki Sugimoto Visualizing surgery from the inside out

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PostSubject: 2010 – Dr. Maki Sugimoto Visualizing surgery from the inside out   Tue Feb 04, 2014 12:23 pm

2010 – Dr. Maki Sugimoto
Visualizing surgery from the inside out
Dr. Maki Sugimoto has always believed that the best way to reduce human error in surgery is to make better use of technology. With the Mac, he developed an ingenious device that projected a surgical roadmap directly onto the patient’s skin. The success of those projections led him to start using 3D organ models before surgery, further raising the level of care for patients. Today he inspires surgeons worldwide by teaching his innovative techniques.

Sugimoto has used a Mac since his early college days. So it’s no surprise that he took one to work when he started at Teikyo University School of Medicine. He came up with the surgical roadmaps after he found the open source application OsiriX on the web. He explains, “When you’re driving into new territory, you want a map.” This navigation system allowed him to map out surgeries beforehand and even rule out surgery if he discovered it wasn’t needed.

“The Mac saved us from mistakes, and what’s more, saved the patient’s life.”

— Dr. Maki Sugimoto

In 2010, Sugimoto brought a new dimension to his surgery — he started using 3D models of his patients’ organs. Previously, he had to rely on flat X‑ray images, but now, Sugimoto says, “I could hold life-size models in my hands.” In the operating room, Sugimoto used real-time 3D renderings on his iPad — often rotating and manipulating the image to get the best view. This gave him the exact location of where he needed to operate, making his surgeries even more precise.
At first, other surgeons reacted with surprise when they saw his technique. But they quickly realized that it was easy to implement. And that it could help them make more informed decisions and provide higher-quality care.

Released October 20, 2010
MacBook Air
This year saw a complete rethinking and reengineering of the MacBook Air. It was the first notebook designed entirely around flash storage, which made it faster and more durable and allowed more space for a longer-lasting battery. And for the first time, the MacBook Air came in a compact 11-inch version weighing just 2.3 pounds.

What people did with it
In 2010, the MacBook Air was many things to Mac users. Here’s how people say they used it the most.
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2010 – Dr. Maki Sugimoto Visualizing surgery from the inside out
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