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 story of Apple 2006 – Radiolab Redefining radio

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PostSubject: story of Apple 2006 – Radiolab Redefining radio   Tue Feb 04, 2014 12:18 pm

2006 – Radiolab
Redefining radio
By 2006, Radiolab, the live radio show/podcast and brainchild of Jad Abumrad, had turned the banter of talk radio into performance art. Using the Mac, Abumrad and cohost Robert Krulwich were able to construct elaborately detailed shows that relied on multiple layers of voices, sound effects, and atonal music. It gave their hour-long podcasts an original sound that captured life in the 21st century.

Jad Abumrad on stage during an episode of Radiolab. They use the Mac to weave sound effects, music, and multiple voices into a seamless audio story that blurs the boundaries between science, philosophy, and human experience. Each Radiolab episode starts with an idea, adds intelligent, entertaining discussion, and illustrates it all with the creative use of sound to paint a picture for the listener. The show is available as a podcast and can be heard on more than 450 NPR stations.

Introduced January 10, 2006
MacBook Pro
The change to an Intel processor gave this Mac notebook such a massive boost in performance, it needed a new name: MacBook Pro. With up to quadruple the speed of the PowerBook G4, professionals were no longer chained to their desks and had the freedom to create anywhere with a notebook.

What people did with it
In 2006, the MacBook Pro was many things to Mac users. Here’s how people say they used it the most.
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story of Apple 2006 – Radiolab Redefining radio
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