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 Story of Apple 2004 – Noemi Trainor Unleashing every student’s potential

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PostSubject: Story of Apple 2004 – Noemi Trainor Unleashing every student’s potential   Tue Feb 04, 2014 11:53 am

2004 – Noemi Trainor
Unleashing every student’s potential
Dissatisfied with the one-size-fits-all approach to education, teacher Noemi Trainor created her own school with a Mac-based curriculum as its core. This unorthodox, personalized approach helped her students achieve unprecedented test scores and opened the door for Trainor to develop equally inspiring lesson plans for schools all over Latin America.

A good school for your kid. That’s what any parent wants. And that was precisely what Trainor and her husband wanted when their daughter was born over 20 years ago. But in the town of Morelia, Mexico, where Trainor grew up, they felt that the best school for their daughter didn’t exist, at least not then. “I said to my husband, ‘Why don’t we open one? You know, create the perfect kindergarten?’”
That school, Trainor’s first, started in her childhood home, and it’s still functioning today. Step inside the bedrooms-turned-classrooms, and you’ll see preschoolers, kindergartners, and first and second graders typing away on Mac computers. “We were convinced about the Mac because we used one of the first models when we were younger,” says Trainor’s husband. “It’s extremely user friendly, much easier to use than any other computer.”

“The Mac enhances the students’ creativity. They are producing and creating something of their own, which is amazing.”

— Noemi Trainor

Today Trainor is the founder and principal of The Varmond School in Morelia, where the faculty and students work together to create textbooks using iBooks Author. So now it’s not just the Mac that engages the children, but iPad too. She credits the Mac with starting it all. “None of this would have been possible without the Mac. They’re so powerful. We couldn’t do it without them.”

Released October 19, 2004
iBook G4
This year brought much faster performance to the iBook notebooks, which now sported a glossy white polycarbonate case. And GarageBand joined iPhoto and iMovie to complete the iLife suite of apps, giving every Mac user the tools to be creative with photos, videos, and music.

What people did with it
In 2004, the iBook G4 was many things to Mac users. Here’s how people say they used it the most.
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Story of Apple 2004 – Noemi Trainor Unleashing every student’s potential
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