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 Apple 30 years 1996 – Tinker Hatfield Designing pop culture

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PostSubject: Apple 30 years 1996 – Tinker Hatfield Designing pop culture   Tue Feb 04, 2014 11:45 am

1996 – Tinker Hatfield
Designing pop culture
Tinker Hatfield is the designer behind many of Nike’s most popular shoes. The Mac allowed Hatfield and his team to collaborate more freely and come up with shoes that weren’t like anything else at the time. He could experiment more with different materials, contours, and patterns — then see all his designs instantly. His unprecedented styles and shapes influenced countless other shoemakers and took an iconic brand down a new path.

In his earlier days, Hatfield brainstormed shoe ideas with Michael Jordan and other world-class athletes at Nike headquarters, then returned to his home studio to develop the designs. He drew his ideas — every iteration of them — laboriously by hand, using markers, pencils, and tracing paper and overlaying one design on another. But over time, he realized his limitations. He saw how technology was opening up a new world of possibilities.

“Apple gave us this amazing tool and a new way to do things. It was a little crazy, yet satisfying and liberating at the same time.”

— Tinker Hatfield

Hatfield found an instant collaborator in Mark Smith, a graphic designer who was experimenting on a Mac. “We were both trying to use this machine in a provocative and new way,” says Hatfield. The Mac pushed their thinking and enabled them to quickly explore more sophisticated design directions — using shapes, forms, colors, materials, and textures in unexpected ways. Hatfield and Smith, along with the Mac, tipped the industry on its head by reinventing what a shoe could be.

Released October 1, 1996
PowerBook 1400
Underneath the gray exterior of the PowerBook 1400 was something truly different: a CD drive. For the first time, a portable computer could work with high-resolution video and advanced audio.

What people did with it
In 1996, the PowerBook 1400 was many things to Mac users. Here’s how people say they used it the most.
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Apple 30 years 1996 – Tinker Hatfield Designing pop culture
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