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 Download program Ulysse Speedometer Pro (2,16 MB) android

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PostSubject: Download program Ulysse Speedometer Pro (2,16 MB) android   Fri Jan 31, 2014 6:17 pm

Ulysse Speedometer Pro - the most accurate GPS speedometer with additional features for Android devices.


  • Exact GPS speedometer shows the real speed of your car.
  • Multiple profiles.
  • The wide range of measured speeds application displays at up to 1960 km / h or 1,000 units.
  • Display speed over the active application. You can specify the position of the indicator for individual applications.
  • Switch. Allows you to quickly change the speed unit, turn on / off the sound, turn the HUD, etc. Called tapom scale speedometer.
  • Calling any program simple tap of the indicator GPS (available in 3 cells). Direct access to the navigation or favorite media player.
  • Quick access to applications from the quick menu. You can specify up to 36 applications and shortcuts to invoke application calls or call navigation directly from the speedometer.
  • Speedometer medium speed. Displayed alternately with the compass. Tap the compass to toggle between Compass and Speedometer, long press resets Speedometer for new measurement
  • High-speed corridors. You can specify up to 10 high-speed corridor, and the program will alert you visually and by sound speed is reached or exceeded.
  • GPS compass. GPS compass receives information about the movement direction of the GPS, so it is insensitive to electromagnetic fields in the vehicle, or metal.
  • GPS altimeter. Displays the altitude received from the GPS. Accuracy depends on the accuracy of the GPS on your device.
  • HUD mode (display on the windshield). Displays speed (travel time, distance, etc. in extended mode) in mirror mode so that if you place the device under the windshield, in the dark in the glass will affect the speed with warnings about excess.
  • Racing timers. Measured and calculated for the reference measurements: 0-100 km / h, 0-60 miles / h, and the passage of a 1/4 mile.
  • Three user and 6 preset counters. Counters record basic information (travel time, distance, location and address of the beginning and end of the trip, maximum speed / average and driving and idle) on the current trip, trips per day, week, month and date of installation of the program.
  • Separate settings for speed corridors km / h and miles / h
  • Customizable user interface color.
  • Support car dock. The program can be started and stopped automatically when attaching and withdrawal device in the docking station.
  • Indication of battery status.
  • Back to home key. Back to the speedometer simply pressing home.
  • Background mode. The program will work, even being "shadowed" by other programs, such as navigation. In the background beeps and work all the counters.
  • Speed ​​display in the status bar. In the background, you can turn on the speed in the status bar of the device.
  • Determine the address of your current location. The program determines the address of your current location automatically or on request.
  • Depends on the accuracy of GPS-receiver of your device. In case of high system load (a large amount of background tasks or high resource requirements of the current active program) may cause slight delays in displaying speed.

System Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Language: Russian

Download program Ulysse Speedometer Pro (2,16 MB)

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Download program Ulysse Speedometer Pro (2,16 MB) android
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