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 Download game Defense zone 2 HD (136 MB)

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PostSubject: Download game Defense zone 2 HD (136 MB)   Fri Jan 31, 2014 9:44 am

Updated version 1.2.1
Defense zone 2 - the second part of the game created specifically for fans of good old battle grinder. The game belongs to the popular genre of strategy tower defense, combat task boils down to three words: protect at any cost.

Defense zone is very popular largely because the process of defense it is not reduced to a dull arrangement and observation towers ruin void of understanding hordes of enemies. Much more interesting, because in the game there are many types of invaders, which is available for the destruction of 10 types of weapons.

As usual, all weapons can be improved for the money collected from dead enemies and proceeds from the deposit of the metal residues enemy vehicles. Improvement from the first "tower" gets combat the "Hellfire", the use of which temporarily increases the efficiency of the gun. Of course, the "turret" is hard to imagine without the airstrike, which need energy to accumulate during the battle.

All of these strategies for classic genre tower defense features combined with hd-quality graphics, voice acting and Russian interface make decent Defense zone 2 installed on your smartphone or tablet running OS Android.

What's new in version 1.2.1 compared to the previously laid 1.1.7:

  • Optimization (thanks to the optimization, improvement effects)
  • Support stylus
  • Added 24, 25 and 26 levels
  • Returned the old balance level 21
  • Added leaderboard and achievements heyzap (need to install their free app size of 5 megabytes to work statistics of players, there is a simple registration, once is enough to log in to the program, and the game itself that determines)
  • 3 speed game
  • Option on and off heyzap
  • Fixed a bug with the calculation results for the leaderboard (all gud now, there was a problem in the Next button. Wave, she became active ahead of time, because this is out of sequence waves disappeared following waves, and as a consequence fewer points)
  • Correction of minor errors

Download game Defense zone 2 HD (136 MB):


с LetItBit.net | TurboBit.net | VIP-file.com | ShareFlare.net
Note: The archive is located. Apk and folder cache that after installing the game should be placed in the folder / sdcard / Android / obb /, so the way to get the cache / sdcard/Android/obb/net.defensezone2 the file. Obb inside. Download directly from the cache can not play, so he is in one file with the installer of the game. Root-access is not required. Serviceability checked personally on Android 4.1.1, but the game is compatible with Android 2.2 and above.
If you already have a previous version installed, you still need and apk, and cache. Possible "to roll" on, progress is saved.
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Download game Defense zone 2 HD (136 MB)
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